Givan Chess

The Reinterpretations of a Classic

Chess, an intellectual battle between two adversaries.

Each maneuvering 16 pieces in an effort to force the opponent’s king into checkmate.

Traditionally, Chess has been limited to a two dimensional plane.

Introducing, Givan Vertical Chess.....

The Vertical Concept

With the advent of Givan Vertical Chess, a revolutionary new vertical concept has been incorporated from an age-old horizontal game. A painstaking two-year period was required to design and build this truly unique chess set.

Handcrafted Workmanship

The species of wood on this set vary from rare hardwoods found throughout the world. From Cocobola (Central America) to African Ebony (Zaire), woods are color coordinated to make the best possible combinations. The chess pieces are separated by vertical planes of glass that are machine beveled and polished on all sides

Givan Vertical Chess

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